Cosmetic dentistry is much more than white teeth. It is a combination of art and science that needs to be executed by a clinician with skills and knowledge to make sure the cosmetic smile makeover not only looks great but also will stand the test of time. The following are fundamental aspects of a smile makeover.


The teeth: Shape, shade and tooth position are all critical factors in an esthetic outcome as well as line angles and embrasure spaces. There are a variety of parameters used to determine all of the above but the most important is dynamic facial features. Using Digital Smile Design, the eyes, nose, lips, and face are all used to ensure the ideal design is created.

The gums: Gingival symmetry that frames the teeth is as important, if not more important, than the teeth themselves in a cosmetic smile makeover. Many people show both their teeth AND gums when they smile and this needs to be factored in to an ideal and natural appearance.

Materials: Crown and veneers used to create a smile makeover can have a dramatic influence on the final result. A master ceramist who is skilled at creating lifelike and natural imperfections in the porcelains used to create the dental restorations is critical in the final natural result. 

Porcelain veneer incredibly life like dental restoration for a smile makeover

In summary, it's more than just the teeth. Using today's digital smile design technology allows for a predictable result that will look amazing.

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