A Smile Makeover is not a one-size fits all process but rather a very specialized, highly technical and artistic design process that ultimately delivers an ideal smile that is unique and customized to each individual. A new smile that looks and fits right has the immense potential to be life changing for the individual. There are essentially two phases: design and implementation.

Design of an ideal smile is based off of facial features unique to each patient. Through the use of digital photography, digital videography, 3D digital scanning and Xrays along with sound diagnosis of teeth, gums, and TMJ using various technologies... an ideal design is generated and then taken for a "test drive" as a proof of concept. This Digital Smile Design process is powerful and unique in that it seamlessly transitions into the second phase of a smile makeover and guarantees through digital tools that the final result is as intended. 

DSC07930BeforeDSC07936Test DriveDSC08318After

Implementation is where the magic happens and the patient's experience and final results are highly dependent upon the experience of the cosmetic dentist, the comfort and technology in the dental clinic, the types of materials and techniques used, the skills of the master ceramist, and the support from the dental team. 

At Champions for Oral Health, we are proud to be a Certified DSD clinic. Check out our before and after page for some examples of a smile makeover in action. 

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