What is Digital Smile Design?

  • Digitization: Every treatment starts with gathering your dental information with advanced technology, down to every last detail.
  • 3D Facial Design: We design your smile in 3D and in harmony with your facial features to create a naturally balanced, custom smile design.
  • Digital Treatment Planning: We work with DSD experts to make the best decisions to deliver the highest standards of treatment for you.
  • Trial Smile: Because we really want to understand what you’re looking for, we let you see, feel, and approve your new smile design in your own mouth before any treatment begins.
  • Guided Digital Dentistry: Using specialized, digitally printed tools, we deliver you custom treatment with precision, so you get the results that are exactly what you approved in your treatment plan.
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What can Digital Smile Design do for you?

You wouldn’t build something without assessing, planning, and designing first. That is what Digital Smile Design does for teeth and smiles. It takes the guesswork out of dental treatment and smile design to give you peace of mind and the ability to test drive your new smile before any dental work begins.

What results can you expect from Digital Smile Design?

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First and ONLY certified Digital Smile Design Clinic in the Virginia, Maryland, and Metro DC area

Emotional Dentistry

When you feel good about your smile you have confidence.

We practice Emotional Dentistry at Champions for Oral Health; what we practice goes beyond teeth and gums. It is about the smile that reflects how you feel inside and how it draws you to others. Your smile is your greatest form of communication. If you feel good about your smile your spirit is lifted!

We spend time with you at the beginning of the DSD process so that we can get to know you, your personality, and what makes you special. This occurs before we begin designing your new smile.

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Facially Driven Dentistry

Your best smile is one that is custom-made for you, not someone else. At Champions for Oral Health, our designs are guided by your facial features and lip dynamics.

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  • Digitize you
  • Digital Planning Software
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  • Then we begin treatment-1

Your smile, custom-made for you

When we begin designing your smile, we look at much more than just your teeth. Our process starts by listening and getting to know you. Next, we take into account your eyes, your lips, your gums, and the rest of your mouth and the proportions between all of them. A smile that is right for you will sit in harmony with the rest of your face and enhance its natural beauty.

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We “digitize” you

A smile can look different when you’re talking, smiling, laughing, and resting. The first step in our "digitization" process is to take photos, x-rays, and a digital scan of your teeth. Additionally, we will take a short video of you from different angles while you are talking, smiling and laughing so that we can capture the real you.

Digitize you

We use digital planning software and our planning center team to create a truly bespoke smile

We upload all of the gathered information to our Digital Smile Design planning software where we will begin to do a full smile analysis. The software allows us during the design phase to make adjustments to your teeth depending on how they look. As Digital Smile Design Experts we work with designers to give you your new smile that is healthy, strong, and most importantly looks good on you.

Digital Planning Software

It's time to test drive your smile

We use your digital records to create custom mock-up shells of what your new smile will look like. In this phase, you test drive your new smile before committing to any dental treatment. Our certified Digital Smile Design studio is the only place that let's you be in the driver's seat before we even begin!

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This is where the magic begins

The last step is to begin treatment. At this point you have taken photos and designed your smile along with the doctors, test driven it, and are ready for the life-changing magic to begin. Sit back and relax in one of our massage chairs.  The best is yet to come!

Then we begin treatment-1

Natural Restorations

Natural - eye photo

Did you know that natural teeth aren’t completely symmetrical? They have texture, colors, shapes, and grooves on their surface and that is what makes them look natural.

To give you a natural-looking smile, we aim to replicate these nuances on all of our replacement teeth. The human eye is fine tuned to spot a fake. Like the skill of the finest sculptor, it takes the finest materials, a master craftsman and years of practice to get it right.

A beautiful smile should enhance your face, not distract from it.

A new, natural looking smile will be in harmony with your face. It will be the right shape and proportion to your facial features. The teeth will have the subtle nuances mentioned above so that the shade and silhouettes also look right in your face.

Natural smiles are extremely important to us and we make sure that is what you get.

Digitize you


Are you ready to co-author your smile journey?