Your Smile is as Unique as You Are

YOU deserve the feeling and confidence a healthy and beautiful smile can offer. At Champions for Oral Health, we do Dentistry Differently when it comes to providing the comprehensive and customized dental care you need to get you (and keep you) SMILING for a lifetime.

A SMILE is the world’s most powerful gesture. It reduces stress, makes your feel great, makes others feel closer to you, and is one of the most powerful ways we communicate.

Traditionally, dental treatments fix problems, and aesthetic procedures alter appearances. But we believe a true smile restoration needs both. A smile that doesn’t just look good, but improves bite function, restores oral health and truly enhances your features. With DSD Digital Smile Design, you are the co-author of your smile .. one that is priceless, ageless and speaks a language that is understood worldwide!

As one of the area's most experienced and innovative dental offices, we are blessed to be able to provide this amazing service to our patients and to empower them to be the best version of themselves.

The vision for our clinic, Champions for Oral Health, is to promote, inspire, and create.

Digital Smile Design
  • We promote overall oral and systemic health for our patients and treat our patients holistically so that they can live complete and fulfilling lives.
  • We inspire more smiles each day through our warm and welcoming approach, our professional and caring team, and by truly being human beings.
  • We create smiles that serve to build confidence from the inside out through the use of the latest technology, sleep sedation options, and our comfortable state-of-the-art facility.

Dentistry Done Differently

Our approach in our clinic is “Dentistry Done Differently”… where the first experience and all those that follow will redefine any pre-conceived notions and fears of traditional dentistry. As the first and only certified Digital Smile Design Clinic in the DC area, we are able to harness the power of our artistic and clinical skills to truly deliver a unique experience and result.


If you think you may be in need of extensive dental work, call (703) 594-4113 to schedule an appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction consultation.