What is the difference between porcelain and composite dental veneers? This is a question often asked by patients that are looking to improve the appearance of some of their teeth or their entire smile via a smile makeover.

A VENEER simply refers to the STYLE of restoration that is being used to treat the tooth. In the same way that veneered wood would cover or re-face a kitchen cabinet, a dental veneer simply covers or re-faces the tooth in an effort to improve its appearance. Another great analogy would be artificial or acrylic fingernails. 

Dental veneers can be made of two different types of materials; composite or porcelain.

Composite - plastic resin with glass particles, different shades, placed same day of treatment

Porcelain - glass or porcelain, custom shaded in a dental lab, requires two visits

Porcelain veneers, when done correctly, offer the greatest longevity and beauty and will last years, if not decades, if taken care of properly. The key to an immaculate final result is in the planning. Take our Digital Smile Design for a "test drive" today to see how your new smile will look on you!

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