An improperly functioning or misaligned jaw joint (TMJ) can cause chronic headaches and other types of pain.

TMJ problems can be caused by injuries, a poor bite, stress, or by teeth clenching and grinding (for example during sleep). Dr. Chad treats TMJ disorders (also known as TMD) as well as the headaches that are often a result of TMJ issues.



Dr. Chad does extensive tests to determine where the TMD symptoms are coming from. To analyze the jaw joint, bite and surrounding muscles, he uses 3D X-rays, a joint vibration analysis system, a muscle exam and a computerized device called a T-Scan that measures bite force and how the teeth come together when you bite down. From the results he is able to determine the exact cause of your TMD.


Effective Treatment

Once the cause of the problem has been determined, Dr. Chad creates a treatment plan to adjust the TMJ for optimal alignment. The most common type of treatment uses a mouthguard-like oral appliance to reposition the jaw joint so it can function properly. In this way, the muscles can relax and pressure on the jaw joint is relieved.

Dr. Chad also uses BOTOX®, as well as laser therapy, to relax the muscles and ease the tension in the jaw joint. This can help relieve chronic headache and jaw pain.



Jacob, TMD treatment

“When I found Dr. Kasperowski, I had a lot of issues with teeth grinding. He listened to my concerns. Dr. Kasperowski is extremely thorough and takes the time to ensure quality dental work is being performed. He uses a lot of high-tech diagnostic equipment that I have never seen other dentists use.

“Since Dr. Kasperowski made my nightguard, my teeth and jaw feel a lot better and I feel like I am on the right track towards achieving my dental goals.

“All the staff at the office are very kind and respectful. Dr. Kasperowski and the staff make me feel like I am in good hands, and together we will be able to improve my overall oral health.”


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