Our office is known for our warm, friendly and competent care. Dr. Kasperowski and our staff offer many ways to make your visits as comfortable as possible. We offer pillows, blankets, headphones and WiFi and provide warm, scented towelettes after procedures. We also have a snack bar, coffee, water and lip balm for patients.


For patients who are anxious or fearful regarding dental treatment or for longer procedures, the doctors offer oral sedation, IV sedation and other types of sedation. Sedation allows patients to relax or sleep during their dental procedures.

Oral Sedation

With oral sedation, prior to treatment the patient takes a pill that induces a relaxed state of mind. The oral sedative does not cause sleep, and the patient can answer questions or follow instructions from the doctor. The patient will needsomeone to drive them home after the appointment.

IV Sedation

Our doctors can also administer IV sedation for a deeper relaxation while the patient can still be easily be woken up as needed. Patients often remark that they don’t remember anything about the procedure afterward. As with oral sedation, patients need a driver to take them home after treatment.


If you think you may be in need of extensive dental work, call (703) 591-5637 to schedule an appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction consultation.