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Dental implants have gained popularity among patients and dentists alike because they look, feel and function just like regular teeth. Advances in dentistry have made it possible for nearly everyone to receive implants—even those who were previously told that they were not candidates.

With over 16 years of experience at placing dental implants, Dr. Chad can help almost anyone with missing or broken-down teeth attain a beautiful, healthy smile. His use of modern technology and precise planning helps ensure that your treatment is minimally invasive and goes smoothly.

Why opt for Dental Implants?

  • Dental Implants are aesthetic and natural-looking

    A dental implant has a post that acts just like a natural tooth root in that it is anchored stably in the jawbone. This means that implants won’t slip or move around when you talk or chew. The visible part of the implant, known as the crown, is crafted to blend in with your natural teeth.

  • Dental Implants provide excellent chewing power

    The nearly full chewing power dental implants provide means that you can enjoy the foods you love. Good eating habits are essential to maintaining oral and overall health as well as longevity. Implants function so well that most people say they can’t tell the difference between an implant and a regular tooth.

  • Dental Implants are aesthetic and natural-looking

    When missing teeth are not replaced, the underlying jawbone tends to shrink. This is known as “bone resorption,” which causes the face to appear sunken over time. However, when teeth are replaced by dental implants, the underlying jawbone gets the needed stimulation to maintain its proper bone mass, and this prevents the appearance of premature aging.


  • Dental Implants improve oral health without creating other problems

    Traditional dentures and dental bridges that are not supported by implants have many drawbacks. Dentures tend to lose their fit due to the bone shrinkage they cause. Ill-fitting dentures slip when you bite and chew, which irritates the gums and make it painful to chew.

    Dental bridges, when not supported by implants, require that the adjacent teeth be filed down so that the bridge can be placed. The bridge relies on the adjacent teeth, which puts undue stress on these teeth and can weaken them. Single implants as well as implant-supported dentures and bridges help solve these issues.

  • Dental Implants can last a lifetime

    Dental implants are by far the most durable tooth replacement option because they have a structure similar to that of a regular tooth. Dentures tend to lose their fit and eventually need to be replaced due to wear and tear. Conventional dental bridges do not last as long as dental implants. Dental implants can last a lifetime when properly cared for.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Implant Dentist

Dr. Chad has helped hundreds of patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles with dental implants. As each person has unique circumstances, Dr. Chad will take the time to find out your smile goals and create a plan that fits your individual needs.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

We have several options for replacing missing teeth. Come in for a complimentary consultation to find how you can get the smile you want.

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Learn more about implants
  • Discuss treatment options
  • Get a free 2nd opinion
  • Get all your questions answered

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