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Susanna's Story

Susanna was born without her lateral incisors and incompletely formed teeth. These challenging cases require multiple specialties with long-term cosmetic results achieved only by careful planning and precise execution. Wondering what a true smile makeover can do? Read on...

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The Result

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The Way it Makes Her Feel

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How it Was Done

Pre-op Smile-retracted1

Initial presentation: Notice the missing lateral incisors and sharp, angular tooth shape

Orthodontics: Traditional orthodontics were used to place the existing teeth in the correct position according to our original smile design plan
dental implants
Dental Implants: Dental implants were strategically placed according to our smile design

Custom Temporaries: Custom temporary crowns were used to "sculpt" the gum tissue to perfection and then digital custom shade matching was employed to bring everything together


Final Result: Soft tissue profile perfected, custom shaded implant restorations perfected... time to smile

smile PO
Final smile

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