Test Drive Your Smile


4 Steps to Preview the Smile You've Been Waiting For

Step 1 - We Scan

Our state-of-the art scanning, measuring, and image capturing technologies enable us to map out, like never before, an incredibly precise 3D simulation of your mouth. From the inside out. And the best part? It only takes a few minutes


Step 2 - We Design

Using specialized software, we combine these measurements with your expectations of how you want your smile to look. Together, these form the foundations for our smile designers to get to work on creating a treatment plan.

Digital Planning Software

Step 3 - We Print

Then, before any dental intervention takes place, we use high precision printing technology to create a mockup of your new smile. A prototype that you can wear, see and feel.


Step 4 - You Try

Mockup in place, it’s time for us to capture beautiful images and videos of you, with your new try-in smile.